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It’s All About Quality:
Every link in a quality chain must be strong and reliable. Doing it right, on time, and in budget are words we live by. Our finished project reflects the reality of this commitment, bringing you a home you can count on for years of reliable service, and a product you will always be proud to own.

Professionally cooperative relationships between the owner, architect, contractor, and sub-contractor always bring the best results. We understand and promote this crucial team concept. We regard it as the key link to the quality every project deserves.

Using the Momentum of Technology:
Every day, technology advances the construction industry. At ND West we stay a breast of the constantly updated trends. By regularly incorporating the most productive concepts and products into our knowledge base, we continually improve our company’s link to the future.

Safety First:
Solid Solutions believes that safety is the cornerstone of a projects’ success. Safety is instrumental in every facet of a construction project. At Solid Solutions, we demand a work environment that promotes the health, safety, and well being of our employees, our sub-contractors, and our visitors.

Team Work Does It Right:
A friendly, family atmosphere is a trademark of our company. Promoting the team concept at ND West Construction is the master link allowing all of us to benefit from the best each of our team members has to offer.