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New Home Building, Remodeling

Landscape & Hardscape

At Solid Solutions Inc. we work with clients to create a home and yard that shows quality and style, for a place of comfort and warmth. Having thirty years of hands on building, landscaping, and hardscaping experience we are confident that we can assist you with your needs on any level of your project. Whether it be from the design, to remodel, to new build, or just a new front or backyard we are here for you from start to completion of your dream home renovations or production, or just to answer questions you may have.  We are here to help you. Solid Solutions is dedicated to honest friendly service, offering the highest quality in the industry today.

We are not just interested in the satisfaction you will feel when your new home, remodel, addition or yard renovation is complete but the feeling you will have day after day for years to follow. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

You can rely on Solid Solutions to treat you with the courtesy and the respect you deserve. 
         Why You Need Experience For Your Project?

Like most people you have heard the nightmare stories from family, friends, etc about there experiences with contractors and how things just didn't go right. The project took far to long and cost more then had been initially discussed. The owner blames the contractor, the contractor blames the owner and it's the same old song & dance. ND West prides itself on getting your project done at the price discussed and providing exactly what you want. There are no hidden fees and no extra charges built in. 

How We Work For You:
   Open Book Construction 
    All project decisions are made with YOUR                     knowledge & approval
    We give you a complete & accurate budget 
    We meet your schedule requirements
    We take financial responsibility seriously
    We provide a very competitive price guaranteed                  
Total Team Approach       
    We provide full value with unquestioned integrity           We guarantee we meet your project goals
    We take a "pro-active" approach to your needs             We are pro's who treat you like pro's
    We eliminate your responsibilities and problems